The primary objective of the research is to identify and rank Top BBA Institutes in India. The research followed a holistic methodology to evaluate, assess and rank various BBA institutes. The assessment focuses on three key dimensions viz. Resources, Effort and Outcomes the gain "360-degree" perspective.


The study had two key modules:

  • Institutional Assessment Survey
  • Feedback Assessment Survey

The data collection was done through online surveys and telephonic surveys during the month of June and July 2022.

Total 1504 feedback survey interviews were conducted across 16 cities in India.

A comprehensive list of BBA Institutes was generated with the help of internet, magazines and other publications. Multiple sources were used for generation of BBA college list. The starting point was the list of Institutes/ universities from previous surveys. We also made used of various internet sites to further expand the list. Finally, the list was further augmented by discussing with some industry experts.

However, it is not possible to get an exhaustive list of colleges and include them in the survey. Therefore, we had option of adding any new college name in the survey form if any respondent mentioned any college name outside our list. Effectively, every BBA college had a chance of getting covered in the survey if their name was mentioned by the respondents.


A total of over 900 BBA institutes/ colleges were covered for the Institutional Assessment Survey and were sent the institutional assessment form. Post sending mails, these institutes were followed up through mails as well as telephonically to ensure good participation in the survey.

The institutional assessment focused on all three constructs viz. resources, efforts and outcome as below:

  • Resources
    • Infrastructure like campus, facilities, technology
    • Faculty
    • Teaching aids/ methods, opportunities
    • Number of seats, Courses offered, etc.
  • Effort
    • Teaching / learning methods used
    • Seminars/ Workshops, Industry Visits, etc.
    • Collaborations, Affiliations, Accreditation, etc.
  • Outcome
    • Placements
    • Salaries
    • Value Adds for students, Alumni Network, etc.


Feedback survey was a perception survey amongst diverse target groups. The target groups covered were:

  • HR professionals
  • Faculty of management
  • Parent of students/ Aspiring Students
  • Alumni of BBA
  • Current students of BBA/ Aspiring students of BBA

Telephonic Survey was conducted across 16 cities as given below:

Zone City City City City
North Delhi-NCR Chandigarh Lucknow Jaipur
East Kolkata Bhubaneswar Ranchi Guwahati
West Mumbai Ahmedabad Pune Indore
South Chennai Bangalore Hyderabad Kochi

The following key parameters were covered in Feedback Assessment:

  • Academic Excellence
  • Faculty
  • Infrastructure
  • Industry Interaction
  • Placement
  • All round Personality Development
  • Overall Brand Value


The analysis and ranking are done using our scientifically developed analytical model i3RC- BRM. It follows a robust approach to arrive at the final rankings.

Institutional Assessment Score

  • Each information variable is given a score based on the statistically developed scoring methodology
  • All information pertaining to a parameter are combined to arrive at the parameter scores which are combined to get overall institutional assessment score
  • The raw scores thus obtained are weighted by their importance to arrive at weighted scores

Feedback Assessment Score

  • Ratings on key parameters for each college
  • Calculating importance of various parameters to arrive at weights for each parameter – a regression model to arrive at the importance of various parameters
  • Calculation of raw scores and weighted scores for each parameter
  • Calculation of overall score for each college using importance weightages.

Finally Institutional Assessment Scores and Feedback Assessment scores are combined to arrive at total score based on which the final ranks are arrived at.

Some caveats:
  • Only those colleges who participated in the Institutional Assessment Survey have been included in the ranking.
  • The above ranking is based on the information provided by various institutes/ colleges and then applying statistics to arrive at final scores

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